Our team

The people behind the initiative

From an initial idea to the initiative you see today, the Nights On Us team are passionate about celebrating the NHS and thanking those who helped keep our country safe.


After hearing first hand of the tireless effort and sacrifice healthcare professionals make on any given ’normal' day, Jake could only imagine the stress these heroic people must have been going through as the true scale of the COVID pandemic was realised. Upon being furloughed from his current role, he sought to utilise his years of experience working closely with some of the world's leading hotels and luxury brands; directing his attention towards helping an industry that desperately needed something to look forward to.


Having managed brand partnerships for luxury travel and hospitality brands for 5+ years, Greg is responsible for the marketing of the Nights On Us initiative. Knowing the positive impact that a collaborative approach can bring, he is passionate about spread the Nights On Us message of gratitude via the initiative's various press, media and brand partners.


Having launched nemo with James in September 2019, it is safe to say the last few months have been a different baptism of fire to start-up life than first thought. With a mixed range of experience prior to nemo, from managing safari camps in Kenya to making bagels in Brixton, Tom is focussing on delivering these fantastic two night stays and creating a smooth online experience for the ICU nurses.


James is the other co-founder of nemo. He’s been helping Jake with hotel sign ups and has been working closely with the NHS and ICU nurses to ensure the best delivery of the initiative. Needless to say travel took a ‘slight’ downturn in March, so Nights On Us has been a welcome focus and he’s incredibly excited about sending these ICU nurses on the break they all thoroughly deserve.


Simon is the founder and CEO of Journey, one of the world’s largest hospitality marketing and technology companies. Simon is a visionary leader working with some of the most iconic brands in luxury hospitality, and he advises a range of clients around the world. At Nights On Us, Simon and his team will be responsible for all things digital and technology.

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